How to get to Halki
How to get to Halki
     The island of Chalki (Halki) is linked by boat with islands like Kassos, Karpathos, Kreta, Cos, Tilos and Kalymnos, but mainly and most frequently with Rhodes. The best way to reach Chalki is to fly to the International Airport of Rhodes, with one of the numerous charter or regular flights, and then catch a correspondence. Outside airport, taxis queue to take you to one of the two ports from where you can catch a ferry that goes to Chalki.
     The first port is in Rhodes Town (14 kilometres from the airport), where you can catch the big ferryboat of ANEK Lines. Usually during summer time it departs twice per week and it takes 2 hours to get to Halki. Another company which operates for Halki is Dodekanisos Seaways with speedboats catamaran. Duration of the trip is 75 minutes. You can check the routes at .
     The second port is Kamiros Scala (35 kilometres from the airport) where you can catch the daily small ferries (caiques). They go to Halki every Sunday at 9:00am and 18:00pm, Monday at 14:30pm, Tuesday at 14:30pm, Wednesday at 17:30pm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 14:30pm. It is a 75 minutes trip. Often the caiques make daily excursions (especially during July and August) which depart from Kamiros Skala at 11.00 am. and return to Rhodes at 17.00 pm. Speed boat “Fedon” is operating since 2013. It takes only 45 minutes to cross to Halki and the ticket costs 11 euro. For further information please visit their page to the facebook. Another option for getting to Halki is the taxi speed boat “Kazantzidis” which can be hired for your private transportation. It can carry up to 22 people, the trip lasts about 45 minutes. Please call 0030 6944 434429 to Mr Alevantros.
     To return to Rhodes you can use the same means of transportation. The caiques depart from Halki every Sunday at 7:00am and 17:00pm, Monday and Tuesday at 6:00am, Wednesday at 9:00am, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 6:00 am. The caique and speed boat owners some times alterate slightly their timetable. It is adviced to contact them and confirm the departure time when possible.
On request we can arrange your transportation from the airport to Kamiros Scala and vice versa. If you wish to contact Chalki’s Port Police, telephone 2246 0 45220.
We are always at your disposal for any kind of help, in order to arrive at Chalki quickly and safely.

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