Just a few miles off the west coast of Rhodes, lies the beautiful tiny island of Chalki or Halki. The traditional way of living of an island fishing village continues, because it is relatively unknown to the tourist industry. As there is no real traffic, the island guarantees you a quiet and relaxing vacation.
The only village of the island, called Nimboriò, is made up of traditional island-style houses, scattered around a picturesque harbour. The clarity of the water around Chalki is astounding, a place that the snorkelers will adore. The main archaeological interest of the island is the ruined medieval castle on the top of a hill beyond the village. Apart from that, the remains of the old town, now deserted, provide a fine opportunity for a quiet walk and for the view of the sea losing itself in the sky.
The climate of Chalki is very dry, therefore is very pleasant for holidaying. Normally the last rains stop by the end of April, and begin again at the end of October giving plenty of opportunity for swimming. The region is famous for long, sunny summers when temperature normally varies from 25 to 35 Celsius degrees.
The dock, which is called Piatsa, is the heart of the village and takes on the role of a market square:  people gather there to talk, drink coffee or tea at one of the Kafenion, or eat fresh fish and local specialities at one of the restaurants. You can shop food at one of the mini-markets, natural local products from shops as “Loulloui” or at “Dimitris” bakery where you must try the local pies with cheese or spinach. After a delicious breakfast, hire a small boat or walk to one of the sandy or pebbly beaches of the island, such as Pontamos, Ftenagia, Kania, for a swim. A day trip to Alimia (deserted island close to Halki) is an option not to miss.
The island is equipped with an ATM machine where you can get cash 24 hours per day.
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