This unique two storey villa is located on the right side of the sea-front in Chalki village. It is a "neoclassical style" noble house older than a hundred years, which was restored in the year 2000. 
      So close to the water it is, that you can fish from the veranda. A morning swim in front of the villa, instead of a morning shower, makes your day! The villa is surrounded by traditional “island-style” houses, scattered around the picturesque harbour of the island which is called Nimborio. The clarity of the water around Chalki is astounding, a place that the snorkelers will adore.
     The villa is beautifully restored with wooden floors and high ceilings, elegantly and traditionally furnished. Even when you stay indoors you can watch the great blue of the Aegean sea and the sky through the doors and the numerous windows. You can enjoy your evening drinks on the balcony following the big ferry boat mooring, or writting a letter to your friends and family.

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